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Data Transformation Webinars

Browse upcoming and past webinars, available to watch on-demand, from Viridien Data Hub

Unleashing the power of digital biostratigraphy: expert, unbiased, scalable

Join us for a comprehensive walkthrough of our digitalized AutoStrat workflow. In this deep dive, we focus on the extraction, cleaning, interpretation and curation of biostratigraphic legacy well data using advanced data engineering and science approaches. The result: transformed and unlocked decision-ready datasets.

Unlocking the value of your subsurface image data through machine learning and image analysis

Images are one of the richest subsurface data sources for data curation projects ranging from thin section photomicrographs (small-scale) through to borehole image. In this webinar, Data Hub’s Dr. Grant Cole unpacks three approaches to successful image extraction.

Why data QA/QC is critical for subsurface decisions: a case study in reservoir porosity

Can you trust your data? Join Viridien Data Hub as we explore this question with a case study from the quality assurance perspective.

Expert geological data transformation: SME-guided technology to unlock value in trapped data

Join Viridien Data Hub as we explore a geological document’s journey through our data classification, extraction and enrichment pipeline.

Team, Technology, Taxonomy: Tools for Digital Transformation

In this SPE Tech Talk, Viridien Data Hub’s Tom Hewitt and Meghan Davies share insights from their digital transformation journey. They also speak about their experiences in building and growing a diverse technology team.