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Technical Abstract

Recursive model-based water-layer demultiple

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In shallow water environments, water-layer related multiples (WLRMs) typically dominate other classes of multiple, and achieving effective attenuation of WLRMs is of significant interest. When combined with an appropriate adaptive subtraction, Model-based Water-layer Demultiple (MWD) has been found to be highly effective in attenuating WLRMs. In this paper we demonstrate a limitation of the conventional implementation of MWD, and propose an extension to the method to account for this limitation. We demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach on simple 1D synthetics, and real-world 3D seismic data from towed-streamer acquisition in the North Sea.
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EAGE - European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers


James Cooper, Gordon Poole, Richard Wombell, Ping Wang




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