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Time-Lapse 4D Seismic

Achieve accurate reservoir monitoring with expert time-lapse 4D seismic technology

Accurate reservoir characterization and seismic monitoring using time-lapse 4D seismic data relies on expert data processing and imaging of often complex and disparate multi-vintage data acquired using streamer, land or ocean bottom seismic survey — or a combination thereof. The baseline survey and any 4D monitor repeat surveys need to be considered together, taking a holistic approach that optimizes results for the 4D signal, rather than an individual 3D seismic dataset. Complementing the extensive experience of our staff in judging such a fine balance, we use 4D cost functions to balance what is best for seismic processing and what gives the best 4D signal for 4D seismic interpretation.

Our expertise and 4D seismic technology allow us to attenuate 4D noise (caused by changes in acquisition parameters or environmental conditions) while emphasizing the 4D signature of the reservoir (time shifts and seismic response caused by production-related changes in fluid, pressure and stress within the hydrocarbon reservoir). Our dedication and reliability are reflected in multi-year repeat work on long-term projects, described as permanent reservoir monitoring (PRM) or life-of-field seismic data (LoFS), for example over the Ekofisk, Snorre, Grane and Johan Sverdrup fields in the Norwegian North Sea.