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Multi-Client Geological Data

Enhance efficiency with analytics-ready Earth data and applications powered by GeoVerse.

GeoVerse Products

An industry leading Earth database designed for researchers, geoscientists, and engineers across multiple disciplines, GeoVerse maximizes productivity through cloud-hosted applications populated with rich, unique and public domain data. 


Discover+ applications are for teams interested in unique datasets acquired by Viridien. Over the past 60 years, we have conducted extensive fieldwork programs and amassed the world’s largest multi-client library of geological data. These applications make data screening and decision-making easier than ever. 


Data Analytics applications are bespoke cloud-hosted dashboards underpinned by our comprehensive GeoVerse database. This tier favors specialists looking for detailed analysis, including in-depth data interrogation and interpretation using charting functions, mapping and tabular datasets with exporting options.


GeoWells provides unprecedented access to key well data in the world’s most valuable hotspots. Specially selected by in-house subject matter experts, the chosen wells undergo rigorous re-processing for fully consistent and analytics-ready data, and intuitively designed dashboards allow for rapid identification and interpretation of well data.