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Ocean Bottom Node Seismic

Get closer to the reservoir with expert seismic imaging of OBN data

Our expert seismic processing and imaging of ocean bottom node (OBN) seismic data using the latest seismic imaging technologies allow you to get closer to the reservoir by taking full advantage of the valuable low-frequency, full-azimuth, ultra-long offset information provided by OBN (and sparse OBN) seismic acquisition, compared to that from conventional tow streamers.

The synergistic combination of full-waveform inversion (FWI), least-squares migration (LSM) and ocean seismic supports a data-driven approach to velocity model building that can reduce project cycle time. Traditional velocity model building sequences based on manual salt interpretation require an accurate model to deliver a suitable image.

Recent developments pioneered by Viridien, particularly time-lag FWI, have streamlined the update of salt models, alleviating the manual interpretation bottleneck and bringing a step-change to subsalt imaging in some of the world’s most complex areas.

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