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OSDU™ Data Platform

OSDU Data Platform

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Unveiling the OSDU maturity — integrated data transformation and delivery

Join experts Raghd Gadrbouh (Lead Architect, OSDU) and Anil Vattalai (VP Software and Digital Solutions) for an insightful exploration of the OSDU platform’s current maturity and the evolution of data transformation workflows to tackle file integration challenges and data ingestion into the OSDU. Additionally, gain insights into Viridien’s strides in pioneering seismic data delivery into the OSDU. 

OSDU-integrated data transformation

Join experts, Raghd Gadrbouh (Lead Architect, OSDU) and Ed Jarvis (Technical Head) as they discuss Data Hub’s OSDU journey, with a special focus on integrating OSDU definitions into data curation and transformation workflows. In this Tech Talk, they address the challenges encountered during data harmonization, operationalizing core concepts within the OSDU, and ensuring data quality and consistency.