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Viridien AI Cloud

Scale and accelerate demanding AI, ML and HPC workloads

Viridien AI Cloud combines high-performance architecture, including cutting-edge GPUs (NVIDIA H100s) fully configured for AI fine-tuning and inference, and a software environment preinstalled with your preferred AI stack — all with exceptional support at every step from our HPC & Cloud solutions experts. Empower your teams to supercharge production and optimize resource utilization. Register your interest below for early access and preferential pricing.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our dynamic AI Cloud provides the HPC architecture, software and support to handle resource-intensive workloads across multiple industries. Looking to leverage machine learning, deep learning or large scale intelligent data processing without the complexities of managing infrastructure? Discover how Viridien AI Cloud advances insights and improves decision-making in our FAQ. Have a specific question? Reach out to our HPC and Cloud solutions team! 

    Why choose Viridien for your HPC & Cloud Solutions?

    Over 70 years experience

    Pioneering scientific computing solutions at scale.

    Optimized for your KPIs

    Including tailored pricing aligned with your goals.

    Environmentally conscious

    Operations consistent with your ESG goals.
    Optimizing AI for business: Insights from our experts
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