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Data Transformation

Maximize the value of your data and improve business decision quality, efficiency and predictability with expert services and technology from our Data Hub team.

How do we do it?

Combining a team of subsurface and data science experts 

The Data Hub team comprises a unique combination of system developers, data scientists, machine learning engineers and geological subject-matter experts who work together to curate unstructured documents and data — ensuring what’s delivered back is analytics-ready, whether in a custom user interface, dashboard, your enterprise database or the OSDU

Leveraging the latest cutting-edge technology 

Our dynamic technology pipeline contains latest-generation machine learning and data transformation technologies, powered by HPC and Cloud, which drive speed and consistency in data classification, extraction and integration.

In addition, we are committed to contributing our complete data model to the OSDU, as well as offering OSDU ingestion services and an OSDU-compliant API on top of our database. 

Deploying an unrivaled subsurface taxonomy

Our comprehensive taxonomy is built on over 90 years of subsurface knowledge housed in our digitally transformed multi-client data library and experience gained transforming trapped data at a variety of scales for a multitude of clients. 

With over 700 distinct data types, millions of processed files, and 250,000 entities of subsurface terminology, our taxonomy helps our experts label, transform and clean output data — whatever the complexity or scale of your challenge.