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Business Ethics

Viridien defines our ethical standards, core values and commitments in our Group Values and Code of Business Conduct, and in the policies that guide their implementation.


The role of the Ethics Committee is to:

  1. Monitor distribution and understanding of the Code of Business Conduct within the Group

  2. Provide recommendations concerning ethical issues

  3. Draw attention to risks associated with individual behaviors that fail to abide by principles described in the Code of Business Conduct

  4. Provide answers on a confidential basis to all employee questions concerning ethics


For any question concerning the Code of Business Conduct and its implementation or any issue that you may want to share, please contact any member of the Ethics Committee directly using the Ethics Committee’s email address ( or the EthicsPoint Hotline.


The Ethics Committee has five members. Their scope is divided into geographic area and area of expertise. It meets regularly, several times a year, and reports to the Chief Executive Officer and the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors.

Anne Dutray

Committee Chairperson, Massy

Anne Demaude

Member, Massy

Dechun Lin

Member, Houston

Claude Pelzer

Member, Saint Gaudens

Ramez Refaat

Member, Crawley