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Carbon Storage Gulf of Mexico Project

GeoVerse Carbon Storage GOM


The Carbon Storage Gulf of Mexico Project s sourced by fully digitized well data, including wireline and petrophysical logs, tabulated point data with depth references such as pressure, temperature, core data and more. The data is structured using GeoVerse taxonomy that underpins all of GeoVerse applications to ensure full multi-disciplinary integration.


Using a multi-faceted approach, the Carbon Storage Project contains a unique set of Storage Play Quality Index (SPQI) maps to help de-risk potential sites in US Gulf of Mexico region. The end-user has access to 42 individual parameter index, including combined SPQI maps for each of 3 plays which have been identified by Viridien experts as favorable targets for CO2 sequestration.

Cloud-Hosted Access

We've developed the cloud-hosted GeoVerse Xplorer platform to make it easier to access licensed data. Simply login and click on Carbon Storage to access the data. You have the ability to view and interpret online or download the files to use them in a GIS-compliant software of your choosing.