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Algoa 3D Marine Seismic Survey Information

Following the public consultation on the proposed 3D marine seismic survey in the offshore Algoa Bay area, held during the Environmental Management Plan preparation phase, the Reconnaissance Permit application may be delayed. Given the limited operational time-window for work in the area of the proposed survey, it may be necessary to postpone operations until the 2023 Austral summer survey window period.

This page provides general background and more detailed information about the survey:

1. Who is Viridien?
2. What is ‘multi-client data’?
3. What kind of activities are planned to be conducted during the offshore Algoa Bay area?
4. Why is new data needed in this area?
5. How are seismic surveys authorized?
6. Do Viridien activities impact the environment?
7. Is there a potential impact on fish?
8. What are the impacts of seismic operations on fisheries?