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Caspian Sea

Enhance exploration with comprehensive 2D seismic data coverage

Explore this prolific hydrocarbon province with 34,000 km of 2D seismic, including 7,400 km of recently reprocessed data, located in the North and Central Caspian. 

Viridien has been operating in the Republic of Kazakhstan for more than 15 years. During this period, in association with the Kazakhstan Government, a unique and comprehensive 2D seismic dataset has been compiled for the review and assessment of the prospectivity of the Kazakhstan sector of the Caspian Sea. 

A reprocessing project was completed in 2023, providing more than 7,400 km of comprehensive, enhanced, workstation-ready 2D seismic data. 

Data package

Around 34,000 km of 2D seismic data of different vintages. 

Data reprocessed in 2023:

  • North Caspian: 5,000 km
  • Central Caspian: 2,400 km

Caspian Sea 2D reprocessing

2023 reprocessing of 7,400 km of legacy 2D seismic data included deghosting, demultiple, a new tomographic velocity model, surface-consistent scaling, and spectral whitening and controlled beam migration. 

Legacy 2D Caspian Sea seismic data (left) compared to 2023 reprocessing (right): Improved bandwidth and signal-to-noise for pre-salt targets and artefacts removed from salt layer.

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