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Offshore Malaysia

Shedding light on the untapped potential of Langkasuka Basin with new high-quality data

The Selat Melaka 2D survey located in the Langkasuka Basin of Peninsula Malaysia will provide the industry with 8,000 km of high-resolution seismic data in a frontier area that previously lacked data coverage. The new data will unlock new opportunities in Malaysia’s 2024 Bid Round. Utilizing advanced long offset seismic acquisition and Viridien’s unique cutting-edge processing technologies, the program will enable a more comprehensive assessment of the prospectivity of this promising basin.

The final products will be available in August 2024, with fast-track data to be provided in December 2023, allowing the industry to assess the basin ahead of the block release. The data will incorporate the latest imaging technology, including High-Frequency Visco-Acoustic FWI for joint Vp and Q inversion and Q-PSDM.


  • 8,000 km of high-quality, high-resolution 2D multi-client seismic data featuring low-frequency source and long offsets (10 km streamer).
  • Using high-end imaging sequences that feature the latest demultiple technology, including interbed demultiple using Inverse Scattering Series (ISS), cutting-edge depth imaging techniques, such as High-Frequency Visco-Acoustic FWI for joint Vp and Q inversion and Q-tomography, to provide significant imaging uplift from shallow to pre-tertiary deeper targets.

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