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Zambezi Delta Offshore Seismic Survey

Get high-quality seismic for Mozambique 6th Licensing Round

Instituto Nacional De Petróleo (INP), on behalf of the Government of Mozambique, announced the launch of its 6th licensing round in November 2021 to promote exploration and production activity in its offshore basins. Bidding is expected to close in October 2022, with results revealed in November 2022.

The licensing round consists of 16 areas along the Rovuma, Angoche, Zambezi and Save offshore basins, with a total acreage of over 91,000 km2.

In 2018, Viridien, in collaboration with the INP, acquired 15,400 km2 of offshore 3D broadband multi-client seismic and potential field data along the Zambezi Basin. The resulting data volume benefits from the latest proprietary Viridien imaging technology. Viridien’s data coverage, in conjunction with an integrated geoscience data and interpretation package, provides a detailed analysis of the petroleum system elements in the area and sheds light on its potential prospectivity.

Visit the official 6th Round website

3D Broadband data for exploration insight offshore Mozambique

  • Offshore seismic survey with over 15,000 km2 of 3D broadband multi-client seismic data 
  • High-quality PSDM data with FWI model — identifies key stratigraphic intervals and delivers high-resolution images of the Zambezi Delta turbidite fans and channels
  • Reveals previously unseen detail of faulting and layering in the basement core of the Beira High

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