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CGG Partners with Selkie Project to Support Marine Renewable Energy Industry in Wales and Ireland

Paris, France | Mar 21, 2022

CGG has partnered with the Selkie Project, a new €5.2m cross-border initiative aiming to boost the marine energy industry in Wales and Ireland. Selkie is bringing together leading researchers and businesses to improve the performance of wave and tidal marine energy devices to help deliver commitments to net-zero targets. CGG will work with Selkie to test and validate new technology tools on wave and tidal demonstration projects. 
The Selkie Project is establishing a network of developers and supply chain companies in Ireland and Wales to create a set of multi-use marine energy technology, engineering and operation tools, templates, standards and models for use across this sector. As a global geoscience technology leader, CGG will draw on its internationally recognized earth & environmental science expertise, advanced data science and cutting-edge technology to support the project through the design and testing of new environmental monitoring technology. 

David Viner, Head of Environmental Science, CGG, said:The need for more diverse net-zero sources of energy is greater than ever. Recent technological advances in the efficiency of tidal and wave devices make this an exciting area for CGG to drive innovation in this growing market. We are delighted to partner with the Selkie Network to deploy CGG’s expertise, data and technology to develop new net-zero solutions for the marine renewable energy industry.” 

To learn more about CGG’s Environmental Science services, please visit the CGG website here.

Computer graphic of the type of tidal stream turbines on the seabed for which CGG will design and test new environmental monitoring technology in partnership with the Selkie Project (image Shutterstock).