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Sercel Announces First Commercial Sale of its New 528 Land Acquisition System

Paris, France | Apr 10, 2024

CGG announced today the first major sale by Sercel, its Sensing & Monitoring business line, of its next-generation 528™ cable-based land acquisition system to the Turkish Petroleum International Corporation (TPIC). The client will deploy the system, representing a total of 8,000 channels, on a 3D seismic survey in Turkey, across challenging, semi-arid terrain. Delivery of the system commenced at the end of March, with the survey expected to start in Q3 2024.

The sale follows the recent launch of Sercel's new 528 and VE564 land seismic solutions, designed to maximize client return on investment by reducing downtime and boosting productivity even in the harshest of terrains. The 528 is the most advanced cable-based system available today, boasting the lightest weight and the lowest power consumption.

Jérôme Denigot, Executive Vice President, Sensing & Monitoring, said: “We are delighted that TPIC, a long-standing Sercel client, have selected our new 528 system for their forthcoming land acquisition project. With its scalable architecture, the system offers maximum flexibility to adapt to different-sized projects, whether mega-crew surveys or smaller projects, with the same efficiency. This first 528 sale recognizes our commitment to providing highly robust and reliable systems and delivering outstanding customer service to meet our clients’ geophysical and operational needs."

Sercel’s next-generation 528 cable-based land acquisition system (image courtesy of Sercel)