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Espirito Santo Basin

Explore prospect potential with broadband 3D seismic data

Viridien seismic datasets provide unprecedented clarity and deliver spectacular images of potential prospects within this basin. At the southern end of the Espirito Santo Basin lies a contiguous 22,000 km2 volume of high-quality 3D seismic data that extends our coverage at the northern end of the pre-salt.

Products and Processing Highlights

Deliverables include gravity and magnetic data, a TTI RTM PSDM and a TTI Kirchhoff PSDM featuring:

  • Latest 3D deghosting
  • Internal multiple attenuation (IMA)
  • Advanced full-waveform inversion, including RFWI for ESIV and time-lag FWI for ES III repressing

Products available for the original ES III survey also include a high-resolution shallow hazard 3D PSTM and an anisotropic Kirchhoff PSTM.

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