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Gippsland ReGeneration

Revealing new potential with high-quality reprocessing and new data

The Gippsland ReGeneration 3D reprocessing and acquisition project, in Australia’s Gippsland Basin (Southeast Australia), offers the industry the highest-resolution 3D seismic data available in this extremely prospective area. To date, the Gippsland Basin has produced over 4 billion barrels of liquid hydrocarbons and 7 trillion cubic feet of gas from tertiary reservoirs.

With 10,190 km2 of high-quality reprocessing and 8,751 km2 of new state-of-the-art seismic acquisition, new entrants and existing acreage holders will be able to fully evaluate both the proposed acreage release and any other opportunities that exist, fully highlighting previously overlooked prospectivity.

Final products from the combined multi-azimuth processing of the 2020 acquisition data and underlying re-processed data are now available. These products feature the latest imaging technology including time-lag FWI and least-squares Q-PSDM.


  • 10,190 km2 of high-quality broadband reprocessed 3D multi-client seismic data featuring FWI  
  • 8,751 km2 of high-resolution, broadband multi-sensor streamer data, featuring long offsets (7 km), deep tow (18 m) and ultra-wide (100 m spacing) triple sources
  • Advanced high-resolution broadband imaging sequence featuring the latest demultiple technology and high-frequency time-lag FWI for the most accurate images of shallow and deep structures in this challenging area, featuring a shelf break and numerous channels

Gippsland ReGeneration Reprocessing

Legacy (before) and Gippsland ReGeneration reprocessing (after) which features advanced demultiple, high-frequency FWI and least-squares Q-PSDM

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