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Southeast Asia

Gain regional insight with 2D seismic and potential fields data

Our Southeast Asia multi-client data library integrates the latest offerings from Viridien to produce comprehensive resources for explorers in the area. A one-stop shop, the library includes high-end, new and reprocessed 2D seismic, Airborne Gravity Gradiometry (AGG), and an integrated geological study.

These diverse products allow a better understanding of this geologically complex and largely underexplored area, allowing explorers to reduce exploration risk and reveal the significant exploration potential.

Related Technology & Surveys


3D reprocessing and acquisition in Australia’s Gippsland Basin offers the highest-resolution 3D seismic data available in this extremely prospective area.

North West Shelf

Explore the NWS with 3D broadband multi-client seismic data and a comprehensive regional geoscience study.

Full-Waveform Inversion

Get highly detailed, data-driven models of subsurface velocity, absorption and reflectivity from full-waveform inversion (FWI).

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