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First Break | Alireza Roodaki, Loic Janot, Manuel Peiro, Hao Jiang, Wenlei Gao, Herve Prigent, Ziqin Yu, Nabil Masmoudi, Andrew Ratcliffe ©2024 EAGE | May

In this paper, we show, first, how a high-resolution 65 Hz Vp model, obtained using Time-Lag FWI, can improve the imaging from the shallow to the deep. Similar improvements are then shown for PS data using a 30 Hz Vs model obtained from PS ...

Industry Article
First Break | Anna Rumyantseva, Jaswinder Mann, Sara Mitchell, Dean Macaulay, Alaa Triki ©2024 EAGE | May

This paper illustrates a robust methodology for achieving detailed mapping of sand injectites in the Greater Fram area using seismic attribute analysis and integrating machine learning techniques that are specifically targeted at injectites and fault prediction. Key to our methodology is the use of ...

Industry Article
The Leading Edge | Fabien Allo (CGG) ; Lev Vernik (University of Houston) ©2024 SEG | May

We propose a more accurate alternative to Gassmann's equation for the modeling of the undrained bulk compressibility of a reservoir rock with moderate to high crack density. The new model combines the Vernik-Kachanov model and Brown-Korringa's equation. A practical quantification of the applicability of ...

Industry Article
GeoExpro | Neville Brookes, Ravi Kumar, Gregor Duval, Simon Otto ©2024 GEO EXPRO PUBLISHING AS | March

A major challenge in the US Gulf of Mexico is transforming disparate public datasets into a quality-controlled database. CGG has successfully created and used the database for its Storage Play Quality Index (SPQI) carbon storage screening methodology and applied its latest imaging technologies to ...

Industry Article
First Break | Edward Jarvis, Haoyi Wang, Jonathan Dietz, Thomas Van Der Looven ©2024 EAGE | February

This article discusses how machine learning and artificial intelligence methods can screen a large corpus of unstructured documents, locating and analysing core and thin section images for the purposes of porosity quantification, assignment of core and thin section scale sedimentary facies and the detection ...

Industry Article
GeoExpro | Roberto Juncken, Bruna Lyra, Mariano Gatti, Abraham Rodriguez ©2023 GEO EXPRO PUBLISHING AS | December

An increasing number of discoveries with high CO2 content offshore Brazil highlight a new exploration risk for the pre-salt play. New seismic data is fundamental to understanding deep geological features to address this risk. CGG’s Nebula-C data set provides images down to 20 km ...

Industry Article
First Break | Francis Richards, Mark Cowgill, Megan Rayner ©2023 EAGE | December

For subsurface commercial ventures or environmental projects that rely on maps of faulted horizons, accurate maps are fundamental. Fault topology provides an ideal tool for analysis of connectivity of fault systems. The data required to undertake the analysis is straightforward to extract from fault ...

Industry Article
First Break | Sylvain Masclet, Fang Wang, Guillaume Henin, Loic Janot, Olivier Hermant, Hao Jiang, Nicolas Salaun, David Le Meur, Daniela Donno ©2023 EAGE | December

Ocean Bottom Node acquisition is known to improve seismic velocity model building and imaging, especially for deep and complex targets. Due to cost considerations, OBN surveys are typically only acquired around the production field, using a relatively dense receiver grid. At the exploration phase ...