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Durban & Zululand Basins

Gain an exploration advantage offshore South Africa with broadband 2D seismic data

Get insight into the largely unexplored Durban and Zululand basins off South Africa’s East Coast; slope and deepwater potential have not yet been tested, and drilling results within the sediment distribution bypass zone on the shelf show traces of oil and bitumen. In addition, both basins offer possible analogues to the Rovuma and Mafia basins located offshore Mozambique and Tanzania to the north and the conjugate North and East Falkland Island basins.


  • 7,000 km of 2D broadband seismic high-resolution imaging 
  • Exciting frontier area with analogues for oil and gas potential offshore Mozambique and Tanzania 
  • Coverage over both held and open acreage in water depths of 500 to 2,500 meters 

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