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Geological Services 

Reduce risk and optimize project delivery across natural resource exploration and development, energy transition, and environmental sectors with our comprehensive geoscience expertise.

Find comprehensive solutions for your natural resource exploration, development and production challenges with a full scope of geoscience data, knowledge and capabilities. 

Laboratory Services

Our leading sample preparation and thin sectioning, biostratigraphy, mineralogy and geochemistry expertise enhance understanding of your prospects. 

Wellsite Services

Take advantage of our integrated solutions for exploration and reservoir development drilling including wellsite biostratigraphy and other advanced techniques. 

Fluid Systems Analysis

Access expertise and solutions for challenges in all elements of the petroleum system: reservoir, source, seal and trap.

Reservoir Characterization

Qualify and quantify clastic, carbonate and unconventional reservoirs by integrating diverse expertise from sedimentology to geophysics and reservoir modeling.

Field Development Studies

Fully integrated static and dynamic model building, seismic inversion and other data-enhancing workflows to help you model the best scenarios for optimal production.

Reserves Certification & Valuation

Trusted multi-disciplinary advice to support your strategic decisions, covering the whole of the valuation chain, from exploration blocks to mature producing fields.


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Subsurface Imaging

Gain deeper insight from the leaders in seismic imaging.


Generate geologically integrated, flexible Earth modeling solutions.